*** Disclaimer ***

I am NOT a mechanic. This series is not intended to be a “how to”. I’m just a regular guy who is sick and tired of getting overcharged by the local shops on repairs. My 2002 Chevy Tahoe has ~185K miles on it, so it has been to the shop many times in the last couple of years.

Motivated by the sheer number of good how to videos on YouTube, and help from discussion forums, I was inspired to do the repairs myself. One thing led to another and I got in much deeper than I ever thought I would.

I videotaped this series for ME. I wanted to record every step along the way so I would remember how shit went back together. I did a lot of things wrong along the way, got pissed and broke parts along the way, and gave up several times along the way, so if this series can help someone else out (even if I’m showing them what NOT to do), I have succeeded in my goal for why I posted my personal videos to YouTube and blogged about them.

My goal is to be helpful, not do a step by step “how to”. I include references to videos that helped me in hopes that viewers of this series do not have to spend as much time researching as I did.

By visiting this site, and or, watching the videos, you agree to indemnify me from liability if you hurt (or kill) yourself, others, or your car while trying to duplicate anything on this site, or in the videos.  The videos are intentionally incomplete for purposes of showing the big picture in a reasonable amount of time, and correct safety procedures are not included.  There are volumes of information on safety, and verified documentation on the correct way of making repairs to your vehicle online and in your local library.  This is not one of those sources.