Bleeding Master Cylinder Chevy Tahoe GM Trucks

Bleeding Master Cylinder Chevy Tahoe GM Trucks

I always like to say that I’m the guy that teaches you how to do stuff by not showing you what to do but what not to do. And in my infinite wisdom when I was bleeding my brakes I accidentally let the reservoir run out of fluid. So, I’ve fully bled the brakes but there are still spongy. So, I’m going to go ahead and do a bench bleed of my master cylinder. I’m going to go ahead and disconnect this right here and then there’s two nuts one in each side against the firewall and then of course this guy is leading in so I’m going to have to get some plugs to plug this up and try to prevent leakage all over the place.

Okay, just got back from the auto parts store and got this nifty little master cylinder bleeding kit. So, I’m going to go ahead and remove this little dude right here and plug him up with here with this little dude right there and hopefully minimize the leakage. All right. Let’s see how that goes.

Okay, step one was not so bad. I spilled a little bit but I kept that rag under there and I don’t think I got really, I don’t think I really got any on the car. You got to be really careful this brake fluid because it’ll just eat paint. So, now I’m gonna go after those firewall nuts and I should be able to break the master cylinder free.

So, these guys are 15s and there’s nothing difficult about them. Okay. It’s been about a minute and this is where we’re at. Just got those lines covered up just in case they leak. And right over here….

Okay, so here’s my master cylinder bench bleed setup. I went two feet on these clear hoses. I would recommend more than two feet. All right. So, this is gonna be a little iffy because I got to hold the camera and these guys may or may not jump out of there but I’m just gonna take the screwdriver here and slowly push and bleed all the air out of the lines.
It doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot of air in the lines which worries me because even after bleeding the brakes I still have a spongy pedal. Although this doesn’t feel like a spongy pedal at all. So, what I’m doing is I’m slowly pushing in and so I could hold this back and do it; it’s hard to do this one handed. You get the picture, we’re just watching the clear lines. The clear lines I had to buy those but they were not available at the auto parts store. But this little bench bleed master cylinder bench bleed kit I was able to get it the auto parts store. So, that proved to be very, very helpful.

Lines are about lose and I’m just going to do this a few more times without the camera in my hand to see if I can make sure I get every bubble out of a line. So, I push on another times or so times, there’s not a single drop air in those lines. So, now I am going to take the whole rig and carefully put it back in the car and we’ll see what happens.

All right. So, that part wasn’t so hard. Now I’ve got to put the hard lines back in the master cylinder. That’s the part that’s going to be a little bit tricky and I’m just going to swap out the lines as quickly as I can, put the cap back on to try to create a vacuum and see how this goes.

Okay, little intermittent step everything’s still same down there, put the cap on here, put a couple plugs in those. So, hopefully I can minimize leakage. Got a bunch of paper towel stuff down in there too. Don’t want paint getting all over the car. All right. Definitely going to need two hands for this maneuver.

Okay, so they’re back on. Now the big lesson learned here is I had tightened down the firewall bolts real tight so I didn’t have a whole lot of play. When I want to go do these hard lines and I couldn’t get them to cooperate. So, my big lesson learned is to not completely tighten down the firewall bolts. That way you’ll have some play back and forth or up and down with the master cylinder, you’ll be able to line these guys up better and get them in because they’re stubborn especially the one in the back here. So, that’s my lessons learned for that one. I fought with it for about 15 minutes and as soon as I tighten it up on the firewall I was able to get it in under a minute or two. So, I hope that helps. But we have bench bled the master cylinder. Now it’s sold all the way up to the top the reservoir and now I’m going to just do a standard, it’s actually a rebleed, I’m going to bleed all four corners and hopefully I won’t have such damn spongy pedal. All right. Onto the next.

All right. So, we’re going to these breaks. We got a little one-man bleeder here so I’m going to do it with a little bit of pressure in the system here. Air up to about 20. I’m going to crack open the line. I’m introducing too many bubbles right here but I read that if you lube up the connection it’ll help to eliminate air getting in there. So, I’m hitting this with some lube and we’ll see how that does it.

Okay. Hit it with lube, try get some pressure, open up the line. All right. So, go ahead and show…..

All right. So, anyhow I’m just gonna continue doing this for a little while. I’ve got to figure out whether I’m introducing air into the line or whether there’s just that much on the line but I’m not going to keep the camera rolling the whole time. Go ahead and kill.

All right. So, we’re at a point now where we are very, very clear fluid and I’m pumping the bubble here and there but we are solid. Not getting any more air in the line at all. So, I am going to go ahead and close off the line.

Okay, so I had to drop the camera to grab the wrench and tighten it up. So, it’s all tightened up and everything would break clean again. And the first one is done, three more to go. I’m not going to record all of the other ones because the process is exactly the same.

So, if you don’t happen to have one of these kits but you do happen to have two people you can have one person pump the brake and have the other person at the caliper opening and closing as the person pumps the brakes and you can bleed it that way.

All right. So, at this point we’ve rebled all the brake lines and we’ve got zero air in the brake lines. So, I am going to go ahead and throw on these tires and take it for e attest bend.

First thought much firmer pedal, the motion is gone so I’m digging that and so all-in all-in conclusion I’m really happy with them. They look good and the pedal’s nice and firm, they stop great. So, this concludes the power stop caliper/rotor/ all that other stuff that I did to the brakes. I definitely think it’s a worthwhile mod especially with the stainless-steel lines and I guess that’s it.

If you liked the videos please definitely subscribe, like, comment, I’ve got so many more videos that I’m hoping to do and someday maybe we’ll even put a supercharger on this bad boy. All right, this is Steve checking out. Have a good one.