Top 5 Interior Mods – Chevy Tahoe

Top 5 Interior Mods – Chevy Tahoe

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Kenwood Excelon Double Din Stereos –

US SpeedoGauge Faces

SuperBrightLEDs –

Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier –

Pioneer 8 inch Subwooder –

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Hey everybody this is Steve and this is the third in a series of my favorite things. I did a video on my five favorite performance mods, I did a video on my five favorite exterior mods and this is a video on my five favorite interior mods for my 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I’ll include links for all the stuff in the description below so that you can find it easily as well as with the other videos.

So, number one favorite interior mod, if you have a truck similar to mine, mine’s a 2002 Tahoe, obviously I don’t know what yours is; prior to something like 2004 I think Chevy did this asinine thing where they had DIN and a half radios which is just ridiculous. So, one of the coolest mods that I did inside was ripping out that single DIN stereo and going through the hassle of creating a space for a double DIN. All right. I absolutely love my double DIN stereo. You know one thing I love about Chevy is they’ve always been great when it comes to exterior looks, great when it comes to horsepower and torque and all those other mechanical things but man Chevy’s inside are just dated and boring. My truck was dated and boring in 2002 when I bought it. So, to have the opportunity to upgrade to the double DIN changes the entire look inside the vehicle and it sounds great and I love it. So, that’s number one.

Number two in keeping up with the nice new look of the new stereo I replaced the face plate of all my gauges with the stainless steel, with a stainless-steel gauge backing and not a huge mod, not anything too difficult to do but it made all the difference in the world as far as updating my vehicle from 2002 to the now.

And that leads us straight into my number three mod which is just so simple I think it was $20 total I went to Super Bright LEDs and I added these super bright blue LED. I just like them, everybody has their opinions, I just like the blue ones. You can get them in different colors but yeah just one more thing that really helped to add, to update the interior feel of the vehicle.

My number four interior mod that I did to the vehicle was adding a five-channel amplifier. It’s and I probably will I’m going to butcher the name but it’s a Kenwood Epsilon 5 channel amp. As previously mentioned I put a double DIN in. I also replaced the speakers and all the doors.

And my number five to go with the AMP and the head unit is getting a much better subwoofer than that piece of crap paper subwoofer that’s back there in the back. So, the sound system in the car sounds great, it really is amazing I have done so much on my truck that it feels new again and I think I love driving it more now than I did when I first bought it. I’ve got so much blood, sweat and tears into this truck.

So yeah. So, anyhow. Everybody’s different, everybody is going to have their opinions and I would appreciate your opinion. You know these modifications that we make to our vehicles are very personal. We do what we like or at least I do but I am interested in…. I’d love it if you’d like, comment, subscribe and you know leave a comment. Let us know what your favorite mods are for your truck. And don’t forget to check out the other ones and don’t forget to check out the description where I’ve got links to all this stuff and I will see you in the next video. Thanks.