Installing Gauges Glow Shift Tahoe

Installing Glow Shift Gauges was a pretty involved process, but if you’ve done performance mods on your engine, definitely WELL worth it! Hardest part will be finding a spot to go through the firewall. Luckily for me, I already did this when I installed my aftermarket amplifier. I made a full video on where to go through the firewall check out firewall video here

Anyway, doing the gauges is a 3 step process. You have to identify where you will be placing your sensors. This will obviously vary based on which gauges you got. I got a oil temp gauge, a trans temp gauge and a vacuum gauge, so I installed the sensors accordingly. Details in the video.

Next came the electrical. Not too hard, you just need to have patience and take it slow. Check out the details in this video:

The last step is putting it ALL together. How? Check out video number 3!