Remove Radiator, fan, & hoses GM Chevy Tahoe Vortec Engine LS Video 2

This is part 2.  Part 1 is here. On with the tear down.  First thing to do was negative battery cable.  In this video, I remove the AEM Brute Force cold air intake.  This is the equivalent of the stock air box that came from the factory.  The stock air box is much bigger in size then the AEM, but either way, it needs to come out.  Then came the coolant from the radiator so I could undo the upper radiator hose, and on to the upper fan shroud.  Next was the fan and the lower fan shroud, and on to the radiator and corresponding hoses.  All the steps are in the video.

The hardest part in this video is the transmission cooler lines. The transmission has lines that go into the radiator to cool the transmission fluid. These are the hard lines that to into the radiator on the passenger site. The hard lines contain an almost invisible “C” clip that needs to be removed to separate the lines from the transmission. See video for details….