Remove Starter Flexplate Torque Converter Bolts & Crossmember – Transmission Removal Chevy Tahoe

In order to get the transmission out of your GM truck, you are going to need to get the starter out of your way. It’s only 2 bolts, but they might be a bit tricky. You will also need to get a couple of sensors disconnected and out of the way as well. Then there’s the oil dipstick which will probably be in the way as well.

The bottom of the bellhousing has a plastic cover you can remove so you can mark the flexplate and the torque converter to make sure you put them back in the same way. With the starter out of the way, you get access to the 3 bolts holding the flexplate to the torque converter. You may have to spin the crank to see one. This means you may have to pull the bottom rock guard out of your way. My car now has aftermarket e fans so I did not have to remove the fans shrouds and mechanical fan but you may have to to turn the crank.

With all 3 flexplate to torque converter bolts done, its time to turn our attention to the transmission crossmember. In addition to the 4 massive bolts you can see, there are 2 more nuts inside the transmission crossmember holding it up. Once it’s out of your way, you can push and pull and tug the y-pipe out of there and get it out of your way. Enjoy the video for all the details!