Remove Y Pipe & Drive Shafts to Remove Transmission – Chevy Tahoe 02

So, after realizing that the 3-4 clutch pack was shot on my Chevy Tahoe, I knew the transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, and a bunch of other stuff was going to have to come out. Removing the transmission myself would save me about 10 labor hours at the shop, so I was up for the challenge.

Unfortunately, the Y-Pipe’s gotta come out. If you have never separated the Y-pipe from the exhaust manifolds, then get your patience hat on. The nuts on the studs are extremely hard to get off. Hit em with some PB and let em sit overnight. Once the Y – Pipe is out of your way, the drive shaft(s) are much easier. You will have 2 drive shafts if you have 4Wd.

So check out the video, I recorded every (important) step along the way and hope that it will be a good guide for you.