Stainless Steel Gauge Face Overlay Install – US Speedo on a Chevy Tahoe

So, after installing the LED Dash Cluster Lights I decided to update the gauges even more by adding a Stainless Steel Gauge Face Overlay by US Speedo on my Chevy Tahoe. The results are nothing short of amazing! That old gauge cluster was outdated in 2002 let alone now. The stainless is sleek and modern and compliments the blue led lights very well.

The install was simple, but you do have to be careful and just take your time to get in on there correctly and not to smudge it in the process. You also need to take it easy when removing the needles. Be sure to mark where the needles were before you start so you can put the new ones on in the exact same place. I used some window cleaner and a razor blade to scrape away some of the glue goop from the old face plate and that made the new one adhere very well.

It’s a mod I definitely recommend! You’ll notice it every time you get in your car and it really updates the look of the interior. Check out the video for all the details.