Top 5 Exterior Mods Chevy Tahoe GMC Yukon Suburban

Top 5 Exterior Mods Chevy Tahoe GMC Yukon Suburban

Amazon Links to My Top 5 Exterior Mods:

American Racing AR901 Satin Black Wheel –

Lund 23074374 Black Steel 3″ Round Bent Nerf Bars for 2000-2014 Tahoe 4-Door, 2000-2013 Yukon 4-Door, 2001-2015 Escalade –

Westin 32-1175 Bull Bar, Black –

KC HiLiTES 364 20″ Hood Mounted C-Series LED Light Bar System –

Spyder Auto 5009586 CCFL Halo Projector Headlights Chrome/Clear –

Spyder Tail Lights –

Other Spyder Lights –

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Hey everybody. Steve here. This is the second video in a three-part series called “my 5 favorite things.” The first video was “my 5 favorite performance mode,” this video is going to be “my 5 favorite exterior mods” and then the next video is going to be “my 5 favorite interior mods.” So, make sure to catch all of them. So, yeah. So, let’s get started.

Exterior mods. I’ve gotta say that one of the mods that made me go mod crazy was my wheels. I absolutely love my wheels. It was the first mod that I did that really change the exterior appearance of the vehicle and coming from the stock wheels that I had it made all the difference in the world. I think it made my truck go from looking kind of like a mommy wagon to looking pretty bad ass. So, that was number one on the list is the rims that I put on the truck.

So, the number two exterior mod that I love that really, really complements the wheels and the all black tires are the Lunde nerf bars. I actually put the Lunde nerf bars on before I put the wheels on but the two of them together create a unique lift that makes my truck special to me and that’s really all I care about. You know they’re functional and they look good and I really like them. So, that’s number two.

The number three mod that I love for my truck is my Western bull bar. Bull bars are not for everybody. Mods that you decide to put on your car truck are very personal. Everybody likes different things that’s what makes us human and I happen to like look at the bull bar and that couples with number four which is my Casey highlights light bar across the front. My wife’s family has a lot of acreage and we’re out in the middle of nowhere on dirt roads, 4 wheeling and hunting and stuff like that. So, I actually use my light bar a good bit off road. So, I like the look of it and I like the functionality of it when it actually comes time to use is. As rare as it is still really really great to have.

Number five I have to lump number five all in in one item. I changed all the exterior lights on my car to Spider lights. I’ve got these front headlights that are actually…they’re BMW rip offs but they’re really really cool. The reason why it’s a three and one is because the headlights are separate from the bumper lights which are separate from the tail lights and you can mix and match whatever it is that you want. I will put a link to all the things that I’m talking about in this video at the bottom so that you can check them all out for yourself.

So, for what it’s worth those are my five favorite exterior mods from my particular truck. Please do me a favor subscribe, like, comment and let us know what your favorite mods are for your truck. The whole point of this is to exchange ideas and steal ideas from each other and I think everybody benefits in the end for it. So, don’t forget to check out my five favorite performance mods video and I will also be working on my five favorite interior mods video coming up shortly. So, I’m Steve. The car website is, that’s Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and I appreciate your views and I’ll see you in the next video.